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Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) stands for an independent, quality, diverse and vibrant media in Tanzania by enabling investigative and public interest journalism and facilitating critical reflection and learning. Our vision is one of an open society where all people can access information, debate issues and express their views.

Through our funding and learning activities, we seek to support quality journalism that better informs the public, contributes to debate and thereby increases public demand for greater accountability across Tanzania. We focus on investigative journalism and public interest journalism.

Tanzania Media Foundation Grants 
To support quality journalism, TMF offers three types of grants for Individuals (Rural Dispatch, Fellowship, and Strategic Commissioned Grant) and two types of Institutional grants. All grants focus on investigative journalism (IJ) and public interest journalism (PIJ). Learning is an important aspect of all TMF grants. Therefore all individual grantees are assigned a personal mentor, and mentorship services are provided to institutional grantees according to need. The five grant categories are:

1. Rural Dispatch Grant (Individual grant) 
2. Fellowship Programme (Individual grant) 
3. Strategic Commissioned Grant (Individual grant) 
4. Content Grant (Institutional grant) 
5. Content with Transformation Grant (Institutional grant)

In all categories, we encourage applications from both Kiswahili and English media outlets. Categories are described below in detail, where you will also find application forms. Note that for some of the grants you can only apply when there is a call for proposals.


1. Rural Dispatch Grant / Ruzuku ya Vijijini (max. TZS 4,000,000)
This category is open to any journalist with the demonstrated desire to publish or produce news that focuses on rural issues. Journalists must have a demonstrated desire to work on rural-based stories, and be willing to spend time in rural areas to pursue their stories. The process up to disbursement takes one month. There are two calls for proposals per year, which are widely distributed and published.

When there is a call for proposal, you can send your proposal to individualgrant@tmf.or.tz and/or to our postal address (see contact). Proposals sent to any other email address will be declined. Only complete proposals using the correct application forms will be considered for funding.

2. Fellowship Programme (max. TZS 20,000,000)
This five month fellowship gives experienced journalists the opportunity to do quality, in-depth reporting for six months on specialized subjects/issues of public interest and, where possible, investigative reports, that contribute to increased accountability in governance in Tanzania. Journalists will be enrolled in an intense mentoring programme and go out on extended projects covering neglected or under-reported areas and issues in order to contribute towards the country’s sustainable development. Only a maximum of fifteen talented reporters will be chosen to take part in each Fellowship programme after a competitive screening process.


3. Content Grant (max. TZS 200 million)
Under the content grant, media actors can apply for support on a particular, time-specific project that focuses on content development. This is open to media houses, media production companies and officially registered media institutes in Tanzania that have been involved in media related work for at least a year.

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